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Cat Steam Brush - Light Green 3 in 1 Self Cleaning, Steamer Brush

Cat Steam Brush - Light Green 3 in 1 Self Cleaning, Steamer Brush

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Cat Steam Brush, Electric Steamy Cat Brush, Pet Steam Brush Electric Spray Cat Hair Brush 3 In1 Cat Steamy Brush Cat Spray Massage Comb Cat Brush With Steam for Removes Pet Tangles Loose Fur


Weight: 75g

Material: Abs Plastic

Style: Long Hair

Color: Light Green/White

Dimensions: 190 * 53 * 26mm

Package Includes:

1/2* Steamy Cat Brush

Cat Steam Brush: This spray comb for cats incorporates innovative hot steam technology to gently and effectively loosen and remove accumulated dust and dirt from your cat's coat. It not only safety but also keeps your cat looking well-groomed.

ONE-TOUCH TO SPRAY:This grooming comb boasts a built-in liquid filling port, allowing you to easily add water or grooming serum. With a simple one-touch operation, you can spray a fine mist directly onto your pet's coat while grooming. This feature helps prevent your pet's hair from flying around and keeps the grooming process mess-free.

3-IN-1 FUNCTION:The Multi-Function Pet Spray Massage Comb is a versatile tool that combines three essential functions into one: de-fluffing, cleaning, and massaging. The comb's rounded teeth effectively remove dirt, loose fur, and tangles from your pet's coat. Additionally, the massaging action promotes better blood circulation and relaxation for your furry friend.

84 SOFT AND ROUNDED COMB TEETH:With a total of 84 soft and rounded comb teeth, this grooming comb provides gentle yet efficient care for your pet's coat. The teeth are designed to glide smoothly through your pet's fur without causing discomfort or irritation. This ensures a pleasant grooming experience for your pet and helps maintain a healthy and shiny coat.

ROTATABLE HANDLE:The comb features a rotatable handle, allowing you to adjust the angle and grip for maximum comfort during grooming. Whether you're working on a small or large pet, this feature ensures that you can reach all areas with ease. It's a user-friendly design that makes grooming a breeze.

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