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Smart Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box - White APP Control, Integrated Safety

Smart Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box - White APP Control, Integrated Safety

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Smart Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, APP Control/Integrated Safety Protection, white

100% Safe:

Automatic cat litter box, radar, infrared sensing, and anti-pinch functions ensure absolute safety. 360° all-round internal sensing + 120°, 31.5-inch ultra-wide radar external sensing coverage ensures the safety of cats

APP Control :

Self-cleaning cat litter box connects to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Using the AIR PET app (compatible with IOS/Android)
you can monitor your cat's weight and activity in real time, record the time and frequency of your cat's defecation, and observe your cat's health problems.

Odor Isolation:

❌Traditional activated carbon, deodorizers and electric doors

✅Our automatic bins are specially designed with door flaps that open and close automatically, physically stopping odors in their tracks.New and improved cat litter box features deodorizing gel


Built-in ultra-quiet motor with noise as low as 40dB


Inside Space: 14.9 x13.7 x 19.7inches
internal space of 57.6L is suitable for all kinds of cats within 3.3-18 pounds.
The 4.8-inch low-entry design of the litter box is very friendly to old cats, short-legged cats, and cats with limited mobility.

Efficient After-sales&warranty:

We offer a Six-Month warranty period and a responsive customer service team.
If you encounter any problems, please contact customer service with the serial and order number.

Tips: Don't pour cat litter before plug in

Because every time plug in, the drum will rotate a full circle automatically for self-test. You need wait for it to return to Home position, then pour in the cat litter.

Package including:

Smart cat litter box*1
instruction book*1
A box of garbage bags*1
cat litter mat*1


1.How to link the app and cat litter box?

Click on the APP to bind the device, press and hold the network distribution button for 3 seconds when the machine is in standby (stationary and the status light is always blue), the status indicator light will continue to flash blue, and the device enters the network distribution state. Follow the steps prompted by the mobile phone.

2.Why can’t I use the app to control and monitor data even after following the steps?

1. Make sure the Wi-Fi is in the 2.4G band and the password is correct;
2. Make sure the mobile phone and router network are normal;
3. Make sure the device, mobile phone, and router are close to each other;
4. Make sure the device is in network distribution status;
5. Make sure the device is a smart cat litter machine sold locally;
6. Make sure the equipment is not being cleaned, smoothed, sand changed or firmware upgraded.

  • 【Integrated Safety Protection & Anti-Pinch Design】Automatic cat litter box is engineered with 10 high-precision sensors. With which, the litter box detects surrounding changes in an all-round way. When a cat approaches, it pauses immediately to ensure cat's safety. Self test and remote alarm system offers extra protection for your cat. Please do not put the mat under the litter box to avoid weighing errors.
  • 【High-precision sensors】Radar Sensor: 360° all-round inside sensing + 120° & 31.5 inches super wide radar external sensing coverage so that the litter box auto stops when cat approches.
    4 Weight Sensors: on the base to sense your cat's weight;
    Hall Sensor: returns drum to home and spreads litter flat;
    Grating Sensor: identifies whether drum is running;
    Remote Alarm: timely alerts for abnormalities;
    Protection Mechanism: all sensors auto test before running.
  • 【APP Control & Health Monitoring】The self-cleaning cat litter box is connected with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. You can keep your cat litter box clean at anytime and from anywhere with AIR PET app (compatible with IOS/Android). With data pushed periodically, you are able to monitor your cat's weight and activity in real time. It can also record the time and frequency of cat defecation and automatically generate trend records, you can find out whether the cat has health problems in time. Supports up to 6 cats. Note that cats with similar weights may cause errors.
  • 【Self Cleaning & Universal Cat Litter】Cat litter box self-cleaning system auto cleans after cat leaves the litter box, and separates cat waste into the enclosed waste bin. No need to scoop anymore. The specially designed filter openings can effectively filter and separate various cat litters including plant, bentonite, mixed, etc. Please pay attention not to pour cat litter beyond the warning line, otherwise the excess cat litter will be cleaned up.
  • 【Odor Isolation & Whisper-quiet】Different from the traditional activated carbon, deodorant and electric door, our automatic litter box is specially designed with a door flap to auto open and close, physically stops odors in its tracks. The built-in ultra-quiet motor reduces noise to as low as 40dB, even if you and your cat live in the same room, it won't bother you at night with the sound of the machine turning.
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